People, diversity and
business ethics

People, diversity and business ethics

While the success of the Kambi sportsbook requires high performance technology, it is Kambi’s talented staff who build and operate that technology. Investing in our people is a vital pillar in our position as the world’s trusted provider of sports betting services, and we think of ourselves a human technology company.

With more than 1000 employees across seven global locations, we aim to provide every Kambi employee with a platform upon which they can achieve their potential. We owe our continued success to their efforts, and being the leading sports betting provider would not be possible without the talent and dedication of our staff all over the world to making Kambi a partner the global betting and gaming industry can trust.

With this in mind, fostering a supportive, stimulating and rewarding work environment built on the values of personal growth, inclusion and teamwork is vital for Kambi to lead the way and overcome any challenges we face.


To continue to be successful, Kambi must be able to attract and retain the brightest minds, enabling people to reach their full potential within a healthy, fair and equitable workplace.

Maria Naveira Sund, SVP Engineering, Kambi

Kambi champions personal development. Alongside an extensive internal e-learning service we have teamed up with LinkedIn Learning, providing us with access to thousands of courses on a wide range of topics including personal development, IT skills and team leadership. We are also partnered with Sportsbook Training Services for eLearning videos and materials covering the foundations of odds compiling and trading – ensuring that those new to our trading team are given the best possible start to life at Kambi.