Sustainability strategy

Kambi’s core beliefs and aims



To offer the industry’s most advanced, reliable and competitive product, providing a secure sportsbook for our partners and a safe, fair and exciting experience for end users.

Kambi is first and foremost a technology company, and therefore the quality and security of our technology is the basis upon which our success is built. Not only is Kambi’s technology provably safe, but it is also compliant with the  various and thorough regulations across the world and is placed under continuous scrutiny to ensure high standards are met.

For Kambi to maintain its position as the sports betting industry’s leading technology supplier, our partners need to be able to have full confidence in our technology, and our ability to provide a dependable and safe backend upon  which their players can engage with their sportsbook and their brand. The secure and reliable technology Kambi provides to its partners enables their end users to enjoy entertaining experiences with all the protections expected in an increasingly regulated market.

Safeguarding through sustainable governance

Kambi works closely with regulators based on the highest ethical standards
and to promote industry best practice, alongside the leading role we play in protecting the integrity of sports.

Collaboration throughout the sports and betting industries is a key pillar in efforts to prevent sporting manipulation. Kambi was the first sports betting technology supplier to attain associate membership of the International Betting Integrity Association, and our robust, sophisticated sportsbook control and compliance functions consistently deliver the expertise required to successfully protect our partners’ customers from wagering on potentially manipulated events.

Strong governance underpins Kambi’s operations and is a crucial cornerstone of Kambi’s contributions to building a more sustainable industry. Operating in a fair and compliant manner should be a bare minimum for all participants, and therefore it’s vital that Kambi puts additional efforts into safeguarding the industry, sports, partners and consumers alike.

Kambi’s history of focusing on regulated jurisdictions and swiftly attaining licences – working closely with regulators to deliver a safe and fair market for all – as well as our commitment to keeping corruption out of sports and sports betting, is one which we continue to build.


To provide an inclusive environment in our offices around the world where talent, independent of background and demographic, can develop and thrive.

At Kambi, we place our people, their talent and their wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. We continuously try to create a place of work where people can learn and thrive to be the best they can be. A place that both challenges and protects. That inspires and supports. All while ensuring an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds can bring their ideas and experiences to the table, delivering fulfilling careers and enabling Kambi to become far greater than the sum of its parts.

Kambi’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion is intrinsic to the strength of our business. Open discussion, taking in different perspectives, cultures and experiences offers a vital boost to our ability to progress, innovate and grow.

We also provide our global team with wide-ranging opportunities to grow their talent through dedicated learning and development programmes, which help to ensure that Kambi can attract, develop and retain the very best people.