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Our offering

Grow faster than you think

Partnering with an experienced, premium Sportsbook supplier is essential for business performance. This is much more than simply software and services. Kambi views itself as business partners, challenging and pushing your agenda at every step of the process, on every level. Kambi’s 600+ experts power our Sportsbook services and cover four core areas of expertise:

Technical Platform

An agile, open platform upon which to innovate.

Technical Platform

Risk Management

A data-driven customer intelligence and risk management proven to grow revenues.

Risk Management

Odds and Trading

Unparalleled trading management experience and expertise.

Odds and Trading

User Interfaces

Market-leading user interface development to keep pace with the latest innovations and differentiate from your competitors.

User Interfaces

Kambi offers a fully digitalised solution for the retail environment, strengthened by its advanced technical capability and sophisticated risk management processes.

Operators are able to combine their on-site brand strength with state-of-the-art digital sports betting experiences. Kambi’s retail solution delivers flexibility for frontend customisation coupled with an unrivalled depth and quality of offer.

Choosing Kambi as your trusted partner

Kambi’s working framework makes sure that every customer is integrated within six weeks. Kambi has an integration record of 100% on schedule.  From the start, Kambi focuses on establishing a deep partnership to realise our customers’ visions.

a culture of co-creation empowering our customers

Kambi’s vision and approach to innovation is not just releasing front end value features for today, it is about empowering operators with a foundation for growth to meet the demands of the players of tomorrow. No matter what direction the market moves. This empowerment model of co-creation offers a powerful, open and scalable core, where operators are free to drive unique innovation and differentiation through Brand, Price, Design and bespoke features.

UX of the future

Kambi’s empowerment model is designed to harness the innovations to create the best sports betting player experience available, one that is compelling as it is revenue driving. This relentless focus on the UX has led to many industry firsts such as: Instant betting, ‘Next Occurrence’ and Price Differentiation.

Data as a differentiator

Kambi harvests data to unlock player insights enabling our customers’ business to grow. From player journeys and preferences, to risk management strategies, Kambi’s technical development and trading decision making processes are driven by analytics to maximise customer returns

The secure choice

Kambi has long been a pioneer in delivering a secure service. We are fully compliant in 10 regulated markets, have never failed to comply ensuring our operators a secure delivery without disturbance in all local markets. Kambi only uses official data feeds and is ISO27001 and WLA SCS 2012 certified. We understand that partnering with a secure supplier is essential for business performance.

transforming revenues

Kambi’s service has the power to quickly transform the financial performance of your business. Through our efficient and scalable model, Kambi customers have consistently delivered improved Sportsbook figures year-on-year, enabling them to exceed market growth rates and experience benefits across their wider business.