Trader’s View: F1 in focus ahead of Las Vegas Grand Prix

November 14, 2023 / Kambi
Daniel Gustafsson

With the end of 2023 and the year’s sporting calendar fast approaching, one of Kambi’s resident F1 experts, Daniel Gustafsson, is on hand to offer his insights

Q: What makes Formula 1 a unique and interesting sport for betting?

A: We have grown our F1 product to provide a deep offering with something to appeal to everyone. The same 20 drivers generally compete in every race, and so bettors can become very familiar with them, all having their favourites who they can back, or back against. Although Max Verstappen has won the vast majority of races this year there are interesting and appealing odds to be found across a variety of markets, and plenty of surprises in store. For example, during the Austin Grand Prix Yuki Tsunoda posted the fastest lap, having initially been priced at 151.00 to achieve this feat.

Q: What is your assessment of the season so far? Have their been any surprise packages?

A: Aston Martin, and particularly Fernando Alonso, stood out in the beginning of the season while McLaren now seem to be the constructor in form, having outscored Red Bull in the three races prior to Austin. The biggest surprise so far must be Sergio Perez struggling to reach the top 10 in qualifications while teammate Verstappen has been dominant, taking many pole positions.

Q: How impactful is the sport’s first Vegas Grand Prix set to be? What can fans expect from the track?

A: The Caesars Palace Grand Prix in the early 1980s didn’t leave much impression, but this looks set to be completely different. It’s shaping up to be a very impressive event, and the excitement has been palpable. Tickets are selling very well even though prices are sky high. The drivers will pass the legendary Bellagio, Ceasars Palace and the Venetian 50 times in neon lights – it’s going to be a race in spectacular surroundings.


It will be difficult to overtake on this circuit, so starting from pole position will be important. Recent races have been very open between several constructors vying for pole position, so this race looks very open on forehand. The odds for winner and placing are already live.

Q: What can Kambi partners expect from our product as we enter the final stages?

A: Which markets have been performing strongly? We will keep up the pace and deliver a top-notch product for the remaining races. We keep adding new offers for every race, and I am very happy to see that our specials have developed a lot and that bettors seem to have taken to them as well. It’s very nice to see that our operators can offer markets found nowhere else, and we look forward to delivering a great product for the end of this season and into 2024.