Pole position with an outsourced Sportsbook

December 01, 2014 / Kambi
Pole position with an outsourced Sportsbook

During the last few years, industry insiders have noticed a distinct shift in consumer expectations of Sportsbooks. Players are now demanding numerous pre-match and live betting offers across a whole range of sports on their device of choice. Live events are available around the clock and the amount of available bet offers are ever-increasing.

But the quantity of betting opportunities is not the only parameter that distinguishes leading operators from the rest of the pack. The entire betting experience needs to be delivered and packaged in the most appealing way for the operator to stay competitive, while at the same time safeguarding profitability by refining risk management and customer intelligence. This puts high demands on the core functionality of the Sportsbook as well as its presentation to the player. At the same time, operators are under pressure to provide a player experience that is unique and distinguishable from the competition.

Innovation and ferocity

Meanwhile, the cost base for leading Sportsbooks is increasing and all indicators point towards a continuation of this trend. Given the mega mergers in the industry, it’s clear that Sportsbook competition will get fiercer, while the need for differentiation and innovation to create unique player propositions will become even more important. For operators, the challenge is twofold – how to keep up with the competition on the core Sportsbook functionality, while at the same time offering a differentiated product to the targeted player segments. In short, how is it possible to excite and delight the players when so much of the resources are tied up working on ‘must do’ and hygiene projects?

By offering the operators control and flexibility in areas of the user experience (such as front-end, odds and bonusing), unlimited opportunities arise to create unique selling points to the players. A modern B2B Sportsbook enables operators to create a unique front-end experience, reinforcing their brand. By utilising their player data, operators will also be able to control the key communication channels with players across all devices in real time, while delivering an enhanced personalised experience.

An innovative platform

As the outsourced Sportsbook model gets more traction in the market, we will see more innovation and differentiated Sportsbooks than ever before. But operators need to carefully evaluate the outsourcing options available as partnering up with the right provider is critical. At Kambi, we believe that in a complex and fast-moving industry, a state-of-the-art Sportsbook that provides an exceptional user experience and excellent customer intelligence and risk management is crucial.

In addition, it’s essential that it also provides operators with the platform for innovation that they need so they can create a unique proposition to their players. This gives the operators the competitive edge, keeping them ahead of the game and securing them a position for a sustainable growth.

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