NFL 2023 mid-season insights

November 10, 2023 / Kambi

Out of the top ten most wagered on games through the first half of the 2023 NFL season, eight have gone under their points total

10 November, 2023Kambi, the world’s trusted sports betting partner, examined some of the most bet on teams, players, and markets on the Kambi network from the first half of the 2023 NFL season before the full slate of week 10 games this Sunday. One thing that stands out so far this season has been low-scoring affairs, which could be due to injuries to starting QBs around the league. However, bettors remain hopeful in low-risk, high-reward prop bets. 

One of the most popular prop bets over the course of the first half has been ‘Player to score a touchdown’ despite games being lower scoring than in years past. A key reason for lower scoring games this year can be attributed to injuries and lesser performances from back-up QBs, compared to their starters. Most notably, Zach Wilson stepping in for Aaron Rodgers for the New York Jets following an achilles tear on just his fourth snap of the season.  

Aaron Rodgers is a future first-ballot Hall of Famer, throwing for 255 yards per game with a 65.3% completion percentage and 103.6 quarterback rating throughout his career. Zach Wilson on the other hand, in his young career, has only been able to tally 187 yards per game with a 56.6% completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 72.3.  

“Games have been generally lower scoring through the first half of the season, partly due to all of the backup quarterbacks we have seen so far, which has been a favourable outcome for us and our partners. However, with much of the season left to be played and some teams’ starting QBs returning, we could always see different outcomes. 

We are also seeing plenty of action on alternate player lines and we’ve been very pleased with the performance on them.”  

David Ball

Senior US Trader, Kambi

Kambi network insights by turnover:   

        Top 10 games 

        1. 1. Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers 
        2. 2. New York Jets vs Kansas City Chiefs 
        3. 3. New York Giants vs Seattle Seahawks 
        4. 4. New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills 
        5. 5. Los Angeles Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys 
        6. 6. San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants 
        7. 7. Washington Commanders vs Chicago Bears 
        8. 8. Philadelphia Eagles vs Miami Dolphins 
        9. 9. Las Vegas Raiders vs Green Bay Packers 
        10. 10.Kansas City Chiefs vs Detroit Lions 

        Top 5 markets – pre-game 

        1. 1. Spread 
        2. 2. Moneyline 
        3. 3. Total points 
        4. 4. Spread – 1st half 
        5. 5. Total points – 1st half 

          Top 5 player props – pre-game 

          1. 1. Total receiving yards by player 
          2. 2. Touchdown scorer  
          3. 3. Total rushing yards by player 
          4. 4. Total receptions by player 
          5. 5. Total passing yards by player 

            Top 5 parlay selections  

            1. 1. Spread, Total points 
            2. 2. Moneyline, Total points 
            3. 3. Touchdown scorer, Touchdown scorer 
            4. 4. Touchdown scorer x4
            5. 5. Touchdown scorer x3

            Top 5 teams 

            1. 1. Kansas City Chiefs  
            2. 2. Philadelphia Eagles 
            3. 3. San Francisco 49ers 
            4. 4. Buffalo Bills 
            5. 5. Detroit Lions 

            Top 5 players  

            1. 1. Christian McCaffrey 
            2. 2. Josh Allen 
            3. 3. Jalen Hurts 
            4. 4. Patrick Mahomes 
            5. 5. Travis Kelce 

            Top 5 markets – in-game 

              1. 1. Moneyline  
              2. 2. Spread 
              3. 3. Total points 
              4. 4. Spread – 1st half 
              5. 5. Spread – quarter 

            Top 5 player props – in-game 

            1. 1. Total receiving yards by player 
            2. 2. Total rushing yards by player 
            3. 3. Total passing yards by player 
            4. 4. Touchdown scorer 
            5. 5. Next touchdown scorer