JACK Entertainment partners with Shape Games and Kambi Group to launch betJACK

April 06, 2022 / Kambi

betJACK offers free-to-play sports betting, allowing fans the chance to practice before real money

JACK Entertainment announced that it has launched the sports betting app, betJACK, in anticipation of the arrival of real money sports betting in Ohio. Created in partnership with the award-winning product developer Shape Games and leading sportsbook platform provider Kambi Group, betJACK is an online free-to-play platform for players to try their hand at sports betting without spending any money.

“JACK is thrilled to provide a fun and engaging platform to help sports fans become familiar with the world of sports betting in a free-to-play environment,” said Brian Eby, President of JACK Entertainment. “We wanted to provide an entertaining way for sports fans to learn and become comfortable with sports betting before real money wagering goes live in Ohio, and we are excited to partner with Shape and Kambi to create an exceptional product.”

Shape Games, a global leader in consumer technology, is driving the front-end consumer engagement and loyalty aspects of betJACK, focusing on customer acquisition and retention, while solidifying long-term engagement for users as they transition from free-to-play to real money. betJACK is Shape’s most recent U.S based project, adding to its growing Western portfolio.

Shape Games, a global leader in consumer technology, is driving the front-end consumer engagement and loyalty aspects of betJACK, integrating seamlessly with Kambi’s trusted and industry-leading sports betting platform. This collaboration gives JACK Entertainment robust, flexible, and tested sports betting digital platforms.

betJACK’s free-to-play platform allows an entertaining way to explore different sports betting options through the mobile app as well as on betJACK.com. betJACK has been created to look and feel exactly like a real money sportsbook product and to put sports fans ahead of the curve to feel comfortable and confident when real money sports betting commences next year.

“We are so pleased to launch in the U.S. with this free-to-play product, offering Ohioans a risk-free and consumer friendly entry into real money gaming in the future,” said Morten Tonnesen, Shape Games Chief Commercial Officer. “We’ve had great success with this approach globally, with the poker market as a proven case study, and we’re looking forward to partnering with Kambi to help lead the charge in the sports betting space through betJACK.”

“Our tried-and-tested sportsbook platform has the flexibility and openness needed to adapt to evolving market regulations and meet the various needs of partners by facilitating third-party integration,” said Sarah Robertson, SVP of Sales at Kambi. “We look forward to working with Shape Games once again and as Ohio makes the transition to real money sports betting, we’re excited to leverage this experience helping to prime consumers and the market for the forthcoming real money offerings.”

Sports fans using the betJACK app receive a daily allotment of tokens to use to place their bets to be used on spreads, money lines, over/under, parlays as well as in-game betting. While learning the ropes of sports betting, users are encouraged to explore everything that betJACK has to offer and earn virtual trophies by winning strategic bets and in-app challenges.

“We are excited about offering the region a fun and engaging platform to help familiarize them with the world of sports betting in a risk-free environment,” said Brian Eby, President of JACK Entertainment. “We are grateful for the expertise of our partners at Shape and Kambi to help offer our players the strongest experience possible.”

Upon the launch of live sports betting, the betJACK app will transition to JACK’s real money betting platform in partnership with Kambi having previously signed a multi-channel sportsbook partnership in 2019. betJACK is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching betJACK. To learn more about the betJACK brand as well as additional sports betting news and content visit betjack.com.