Bet Builder: Improving the sports betting experience

November 01, 2022 / Kambi

A major long-term trend within the sports betting industry has been for players to demand increasingly more control over their experience. A quality bet builder has become a key differentiator in this regard and is often the key differentiator between great sportsbook and a merely good one. Kambi’s award-winning combinability product development gives bettors more control with the opportunity to combine individual selections within the same game, or across multiple games and sports in a single bet slip.

As the regulated global sports betting market continues to expand, the high-cost implications of operating a sportsbook at scale in such a complex regulated environment further highlights the strengths of Kambi’s high performance technology. For more than a decade, Kambi has been developing its core platform, implementing algorithms and risk processes to fully integrate a quality combinability product which now includes major sports like soccer, American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey.

Kambi anticipates Bet Builder will have a palpable impact on the US sports betting market as it continues to gain traction with players across all regulated states. Our most recent whitepaper, Bet builder: Evolving the bookmaker-bettor relationship, explores what has fueled this rise in popularity, as well as an appraisal of how the development process of Kambi’s Bet Builder was executed.

David Bretnitz, Kambi’s Senior Director of Sales, also sat down to answer some questions about Bet Builder including why it’s so important to operators, what makes Kambi’s Bet Builder unique, and why Kambi benefits from creating their Bet Builder 100% in-house.


Bet Builder is a key to success for U.S. sportsbooks. It provides a next level of engagement. It provides sportsbooks with another unique differentiating component. More importantly, Bet Builder provides the ability to offer an excellent sports betting experience versus a good one. Operators that can master Bet Builder and provide the differentiation will set themselves up for success in the future, both in the US, North American sports betting markets as well as the rest of the world.

Kambi’s Bet Builder product is different because it was built by sports bettors for sports bettors. Kambi understands the importance of delivering the right experiences, in a competitive market that is extremely important for operator success. It was born out of the demand for customers to be able to control their own individual sports betting experiences.

Kambi’s Bet Builder is different than many of our competitors because it is built in-house and underpinned by Kambi proprietary risk management and trading services. Speed of trading and risk is very important when it comes to combinability, availability and complements the overall user experience. Additionally, Kambi is not reliant on third party providers for risk and or trading. Why is this important? That’s important to maintain consistent pricing across both mainline bets as well as parlays.

Kambi’s ability to offer Bet Builder across multiple US sports is extremely important. Kambi allows bettors to combine wagers on individual games across different events and most importantly, across various sports. Being able to place a bet build across all major U.S. sports, including the NFL, the NBA, NHL, MLB and even college football expands the options bettors have available while opening up access to a variety of player types. This ultimately creates a more valuable bettor for the sportsbook and builds loyalty, which is the goal for all operators. A strong product will create greater retention long term, thus providing more beneficial revenues for the operator and a more beneficial user experience for the player.