Kambi’s Road to G2E: on-demand

October 01, 2021 / Kambi

07th September 2021

‘Platform for success: What it takes to build a high performance sportsbook’ webinar on-demand

“Sports betting – the most complex piece of enterprise and end-user software imaginable”.

In this webinar, Kris Saw, Kambi’s CTO, and James Letcheford, Kambi’s Head of Pre-Sales Solutions, break down the essential components needed to create a successful sportsbook.

Exploring how to manage not just the technological and regulatory requirements, but also ensuring the end product can engage and entertain consumers.


21st September 2021

Progress report: The evolution of the NFL sports bettor

This online session takes a deep dive into how NFL betting has evolved since the repeal of PASPA and what trends we have seen across the Kambi partner network in the last three years.

29th September 2021

Success in an instant: How the growth of instant betting is changing in-game wagering

Kambi has long led the way in the roll-out of instant markets and has seen instant betting grow significantly as a proportion of live handle for US sports, spurred by markets such as ‘result of current drive’ in football and ‘result of next pitch’ in baseball.

In this webinar, Shahir Rahman, Kambi’s Product Strategy Lead, offers unique insights into the rise of instant betting and explains what is required to offer bettors a comprehensive range of instant markets that strikes the optimal balance between security and excellent user experience.