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24 Mar 2023 - 05:00


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Veralda net purchase of shares in Kambi Group

Veralda Group, the investment companies of the Board member Anders Ström, has increased its ownership in Kambi Group plc with approximately 650,000 shares in the period between the 27 October and 19 November 2021.


The changes in ownership occurred as Veralda Investment Ltd acquired 777,624 shares in Kambi, in three batches between 27 and 29 October, 12 and 16 November and on 19 November. On 18 November, Veralda AB sold 125,000 shares in Kambi while terminating an endowment insurance.

In total, Veralda Group has made a net acquirement of 649,624 shares in Kambi for SEK147.1 million.

After these changes, Veralda holds 6,078,188 shares in Kambi, corresponding to 19.57% of the capital in the company.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Gür, advisor to Veralda and Anders Ström


+46 (0) 70 797 64 51