Kambi Group plc repurchase of shares during 1 April – 5 April 2024

Kambi Group plc (“Kambi”) has during the period 1 April to 5 April 2024 (the “Buyback Period”) repurchased a total of 40,000 ordinary B shares (ISIN: MT0000780107) as part of the share buyback programme, within the mandate approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 19 June 2023 (the “Programme”).


The objective of the Programme is to achieve added value for Kambi´s shareholders and to give the Board increased flexibility with Kambi´s capital structure by reducing the capital. The Programme is being carried out in accordance with the Maltese Companies Act, the EU Market Abuse Regulation No 596/2014 (“MAR”), Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2016/1052 (“Safe Harbour Regulation”) and other applicable rules.

During the Buyback Period, Kambi repurchased a total of 40,000 ordinary B shares at a volume-weighted average price of 92.44 SEK. From the beginning of the Programme, which started on 18 March, until and including 5 April 2024, Kambi has repurchased a total of 127,000 ordinary B shares at a volume-weighted average price of 93.76 SEK per share.

During the Buyback Period, Kambi has repurchased shares as follows:

Date Aggregated daily volume (number of ordinary B shares) Weighted average share price per day (SEK) Total daily transaction value (SEK)
2 April 2024 10,000 93.41 934,103
3 April 2024 10,000 91.63 916,347
4 April 2024 10,000 92.89 928,878
5 April 2024 10,000 91.83 918,262


All acquisitions have been carried out on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm by Carnegie Investment Bank AB on behalf of Kambi. Following the acquisitions and as of 5 April 2024, Kambi’s holding of its own shares amounted to 1,022,592 and the total number of issued shares in Kambi is 31,278,297 ordinary B shares. Under the Programme Kambi is authorised to repurchase a maximum of 3,127,830 ordinary B shares, up to a maximum amount of €4.0 million.

A full breakdown of all transactions carried out during the Buyback Period is attached to this announcement.

Information on the Programme is available on Kambi’s website, https://www.kambi.com/investors/share-information/