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Kambi Group plc CEO Kristian Nylén reduces shareholding by 6%

Kristian Nylén sells 45,000 shares in Kambi and repays company loan

Kambi Group plc CEO Kristian Nylén has sold 45,000 shares in Kambi Group plc with a majority of the proceeds of the sale being used to fully repay the company loan, including interest due, he had taken out to exercise options in March 2020.

Nylén remains a major long-term shareholder in Kambi. Following the transaction, Nylén owns 720,000 shares, corresponding to 2.3% of total shares in the Group.

In March 2020, Nylén took a 1.2m GBP interest-bearing loan from a subsidiary of Kambi in order to pay the option price and income tax due on the exercise of 300,000 share options issued to him in 2013.