Agenda 2023

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Market outlook: The global sports betting opportunity

6th June 2023 - 2:30PM BST/ 3:30PM CEST/ 9:30AM EDT/ 6:30AM PDT
Daniel Stone
Director Data & Insights - VIXIO Regulatory Intelligence
Joe Ewens
Global Managing Editor - VIXIO Regulatory Intelligence
Moderator: Oliver Lamb
SVP Risk & Compliance – Kambi
The ongoing expansion of locally regulated markets continues to gather pace, opening up new opportunities for sports betting. In this session, Daniel Stone and Joe Ewens from VIXIO GamblingCompliance analyse the key markets to watch out for and map out the long-term global growth prospects.
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Navegando en la industria de las apuestas deportivas en Latino América

6th June 2023 - 3:30PM BST/ 4:30PM CEST/ 11:30AM BRT
Ignacio Jiménez Iglesias
Director Estratégico de Socios - Kambi
Camilo Millon
Director de Ventas Latino América - Kambi
Únete a Kambi para una sesión informativa sobre los mercados emergentes en Latino América. Descubre más sobre las oportunidades y los retos que la industria de las apuestas deportivas está enfrentando.
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The path to on-property sportsbook success for tribal gaming operators

6th June 2023 - 6PM BST/ 7PM CEST/ 1PM EDT/ 10AM PDT
David Bretnitz
Senior Director Sales - Kambi
Dominic Ortiz
CEO - Potawatomi Casinos & Hotels
Valerie Spicer
Chief Gaming Officer – Vetnos
Laurel Pittman
Sports Betting Director - Desert Diamond Casinos
With on-property often in the shadow of online in US sports betting, hear how leading tribal gaming operators are building retail sportsbooks for long-term success and remaining competitive against online rivals.
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Revolutionising sports betting: How AI is enhancing the sports betting experience

7th June 2023 - 3PM BST/ 4PM CEST/ 10AM EDT/ 7AM PDT
David Jacquet
SVP Analytics - Kambi
Discover how AI is transforming the world of sports betting. Join Kambi as we explore the latest advances in AI technology and discuss how they are being used to analyse data, predict outcomes, and improve the overall betting experience.
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Gaining an advantage: Unlocking the potential of tennis betting

7th June 2023 - 4PM BST/ 5PM CEST/ 11AM EDT/ 8AM PDT
Philip Mardh
Head of Tennis - Kambi
Richard Pratt
Head of Live Tennis - Kambi
A top five sport in the Kambi global partner network, tennis is a key growth driver for sportsbooks and in this session Kambi reveals what it takes to create a leading tennis betting product.
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Levelling up Esports: a fireside chat with Abios executives  

8th June 2023 - 2PM BST/ 3PM CEST/ 9AM EDT/ 6AM PDT
Oskar Fröberg
CEO - Abios
Anton Janér
CTO - Abios
Niclas Sundell
Head of Sales - Abios
Kristina Skogvard
Marketing Manager - Abios 
Join Abios as they explore the rapidly evolving world of competitive gaming. From the latest trends and market shifts to innovative product features and fan engagement strategies, Abios’ esports experts will provide a comprehensive look at the future of esports betting and what product features sportsbooks should adopt to stay ahead of the curve. 
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Permanent disruption: Trends impacting sports betting today and tomorrow

8th June 2023 - 3PM BST/ 4PM CEST/ 10AM EDT/ 7AM PDT
Alun Bowden
SVP Strategic Insight - Eilers & Krejcik
Join Alun Bowden, SVP Strategic Insight at Eilers & Krejcik, for an insightful conversation on the product features that matter in today's market and changing consumer behaviours that will demand more innovation in sports betting.
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Reimagining the UX: from sports betting product to entertainment destination product

9th June 2023 - 2PM BST/ 3PM CEST/ 9AM EDT/ 6AM PDT
Morten Tonnesen
CCO - Shape Games
With consumer expectations and standards often set by the likes of Google, Apple, Meta and TikTok, hear from Shape Games as the front end specialist lays out the vision and set up needed to deliver the sports betting user experience of the future.
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