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Sports Betting Focus: Executive roundtable

23rd May 2022 - 1:30PM BST/ 8:30AM EDT/ 5:30AM PDT
Tim Poole
Editor - Gambling Insider
Zeno Ossko
CEO - BetWarrior
Christian Polsäter
Director of Sports - LeoVegas
Paul Burns
CEO - Canadian Gaming Association
Join Gambling Insider and Kambi for an exclusive chat with industry CEOs and Kambi partners, touching on their sports betting ambitions, the future of the market and insights from their time in an ever-evolving sector.


23rd May 2022 - 3PM BST/ 10AM EDT/ 7AM PDT
Kristian Nylén
CEO - Kambi
Cecilia Wachtmeister
CCO - Kambi
Kambi’s CEO Kristian Nylén and Chief Commercial Officer Cecilia Wachtmeister welcome attendees to the Festival and look at what to expect across the week ahead.

Kambi founders’ story: a fireside chat with Kristian Nylén

23rd May 2022 - 4PM/ 11AM EDT/ 8AM PDT
Kristian Nylén
CEO and Co-Founder - Kambi
In this session, Kambi co-founder and CEO Kristian Nylén talk all things sports betting, including the formation of Kambi, its journey to becoming the leading B2B sportsbook supplier, how the sports betting industry is shaping up today, as well as how they anticipate the landscape evolving over the coming years.

Partner Survey Results

24th May 2022 - 2PM BST/ 9AM EDT/ 6AM PDT
Tomás MacBride
Director of Partner Success, Europe - Kambi
Evan Schaffner
Director of Partner Success – Americas
Join Kambi as we take you through the results from our recent partner survey and how Kambi uses the results to better support your sportsbook ambitions.

Sportsbook Product: Past, Present and Future

24th May 2022 - 3PM BST/ 10AM EDT/ 7AM PDT
Erik Lögdberg
COO - Kambi
Kambi COO Erik Lögdberg examines the evolution in what defines a high performance sportsbook, the challenges which lie on the horizon and how providers can help to overcome them.

Marketing a sportsbook: Marketing strategies in the Kambi network​

24th May 2022 - 4PM BST/ 11AM EDT/ 8AM PDT
Josh Ellis
Partner Manager - Kambi
Ross Cairns
Partner Manager - Kambi
Join Kambi Partner Managers Josh Ellis and Ross Cairns as they highlight effective marketing strategies and key concepts along with ideas about how to foster a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Lo que significa ser un socio de Kambi

24th May 2022 - 6PM BST/ 1PM EDT/ 10AM PDT
Juan Barrachina
Director de ventas - Kambi
Carlos Pérez Turrado
Gestor de Desarrollo de Negocio
Como el mercado regulado de las apuestas deportivas se está expandiendo rápidamente en América Latina, esta sesión echa un vistazo a como Kambi puede apoyarte a través de los retos de lanzar una casa de apuestas en la región y a como la red de socios de Kambi continua creciendo y como eso ayuda a nuestros socios a crecer también.

Abios & esports betting: why you shouldn't give esports fans a sportsbook experience

25th May 2022 - 12PM BST/7AM EDT/4AM PDT
Oskar Fröberg
Founder and CEO - Abios
Abios is an esports company, founded by esports fans. We have provided the esports industry with data from the largest tournaments for 9 years, which gives us an unprecedented understanding of both the audience and product side.

Marketing a sportsbook: marketing leaders panel

25th May 2022 - 4PM BST/ 11AM EDT/ 8AM PDT
Veena Dhesi
SVP Partner Success - Kambi
Wim Cox
Business Manager Omnichannel - Belgian National Lottery
Robert Kooiman
Marketing Director - BetCity
Mattias Stetz
COO - Rush Street Interactive
Marketing a sportsbook is no easy feat, particularly in the context of highly competitive markets, ever tightening regulation, responsible gambling restrictions and a battle between short term ROI versus long term brand building. Join this panel session of marketers across the Kambi network as they share their various experiences of marketing a sportsbook.

Launch a sportsbook anytime, anywhere

25th May 2022 - 2PM BST/ 9AM EDT/ 6AM PDT
Oliver Lamb
SVP Product Compliance - Kambi
Clara Shen
Head of Delivery Management - Kambi
Regulatory compliance is one of the key issues facing our industry today. Learn how Kambi navigates some potentially choppy regulatory waters across the globe, and discover why we know what it takes to launch in newly regulated markets faster than anybody else.

Tribal sports betting: what it takes to succeed

25th May 2022 - 7PM BST/ 2PM EDT/ 11AM PDT
Rich Roberts
President of Digital - Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment
Bill Scigliano
Gaming Consultant
There is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for tribal operators entering the sports betting space. In this session we hear from Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment’s President of Digital, Rich Roberts, as well as gaming consultant, Bill Scigliano, to discuss the options for tribes and why having the right partnerships in place is crucial to long-term success.

Sports betting integrity: five challenges to a sustainable future

26th May 2022 - 10AM BST/ 5AM EDT/ 2AM PDT
Matias Cooper
Sportsbook Control Team Leader - Kambi
Silvia Paleari
Director of Public Affairs - International Betting Integrity Association
John Andersson
Sportsbook Manager - ATG
The industry is facing challenges new and old with regards to sports integrity. Hear from Kambi and a panel of experts on how all stakeholders can come together to meet these challenges head on and proctect the integrity of the sports we love.

Marketing a sportsbook: A guide to Kambi’s marketing tools

26th May 2022 - 3PM BST/10AM EDT/ 7AM PDT
Ulrik Restorp
SVP Content Channels - Kambi
Klas Ronqvist
Head of Product Partner Management - Kambi
Kambi offers a plethora of powerful marketing tools which enable partners to reach their sportsbook ambitions. Join this session to discover the full suite of marketing levers available, hear from the people who built them and see the tools in action.

Bettors at heart: the in-event combinations success story

26th May 2022 - 3PM BST/ 10AM EDT/ 7AM PDT
Simon Noy
SVP of Trading – Kambi
The success of Kambi's Bet Builder product is a perfect example of how Kambi approaches product development - with the bettor experience firmly at its core. In this session, Kambi will explore how it built its in-house and fully integrated Bet Builder as well as plans for its future development.

Lifecycle of a price

26th May 2022 - 4PM BST/ 11 AM EST/ 8AM PDT
Chris McNamara
Head of College Sports – Kambi
The lifecycle of a price runs from initial odds compilation right through to market settlement. In this session, Kambi will discuss the various considerations and information points that can impact on prices offered through the lens of the recent March Madness tournament, from initial ratings to sharp money, team news and more.

El camino hacia la Copa del Mundo y más allá

26th May 2022 - 6PM BST/ 1PM EDT/ 10AM PDT
Ignacio Jimenez Iglesia
Gestor de Socios senior - Kambi
Hugo Nombela
Jefe de fútbol pre-match para España y México - Kambi
Esperando la primera Copa del Mundo que se desarrollará durante el invierno en Catar este año, el equipo de Kambi discutirá las tendencias a tener en cuenta durante el torneo, desglosando nuestra exclusiva oferta y explorando lo que depará el futuro para el producto fútbol de Kambi.

The road to the World Cup and beyond

27th May 2022 - 11AM BST/ 6AM EDT/3AM PDT
Jonathon Hurst
Head of Soccer - Kambi
With the first winter World Cup to take place in Qatar later this year, Kambi will discuss some of the trends to watch out for, break down our unique soccer offering for the tournament, and take a look at what the future holds for the Kambi soccer product.

Journey of a player: a story in data

27th May 2022 - 2PM BST/ 9AM EDT/ 6AM PDT
David Warder
Head of Insights - Kambi
Data touches every part of the Kambi sportsbook, powering decision making, feeding algorithms and bringing machine learning and AI to life. This session explores the journey of a sports bettor as seen through the eyes of the data machine built within the very core of the Kambi sportsbook.

How to keep players engaged with your sportsbook throughout the year

27th May 2022 - 3PM BST/ 10AM EDT/ 7AM PDT
Philip Mardh
Head of Tennis - Kambi
Michael Waldin
Head of Rugby, Golf, and Cricket - Kambi
Kambi partners have access to one of the deepest sportsbooks in the world in terms of breadth of offering. Although main leagues get the majority of the action, knowing how to leverage sports such as tennis, table tennis and esports out of the core sporting seasons is key to generating revenue all year round.


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