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Creating premium sports betting experiences across the globe

We deliver the ultimate Sportsbook service, from frontend user interface to customer intelligence, risk management and odds compiling, all built upon in-house developed software.

Kambi’s vision is to work in close partnership with our customers to create unique and engaging sports betting experiences. Above all, our ability to produce and to act upon the insights required to develop a fully scalable and future-proofed Sportsbook make us unique in our market place.

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With four new customers added, four key accounts retained and a prestigious sports betting supplier award won, 2017 will long be remembered as a successful year for Kambi. It is certainly one I look back on with pride.

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2017 was another year of achievement for Kambi. See our key business, operational and financial highlights.

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A revolution is sweeping through the sports betting industry. Fast expanding regulated markets, rapidly evolving technologies, changing consumer habits – these forces and more are conspiring to make operating a Sportsbook an increasingly complex and resource-heavy challenge.

Yet, within this demanding environment, consumers’ expectations continue to rise as they increasingly demand a quick, accessible and engaging sports betting experience. The breadth of choice for sports bettors means operators can ill afford to stand still. Restricted by legacy technology and rising costs, however, many have inevitably struggled to keep pace with change.


Overview Open


What makes Kambi distinct

At the heart of Kambi’s growth is our ability to offer a best-in-class, cost-efficient Sportsbook - one uniquely positioned to meet the common shared challenges faced by a wide spectrum of operators. In order to deliver this successfully, and continuously evolve the Sportsbook so that it remains ahead of the curve, Kambi has developed a business model unique to the market.

In essence, what sets Kambi apart from competitors is our continued ability to provide a Sportsbook with the capacity to satisfy operators of all shapes and sizes. In our view, the large bulk of all sportsbook operations require the same sophisticated technology, expertise and skills to deliver a market-leading sports betting service. As a result, Kambi has focused, and continues to focus on these core elements, resulting in the delivery of a high-performance engine proven to drive the success of sports betting operators across the globe.

The sports betting market Open

The global sports betting market in which Kambi operates has grown considerably in recent years, and is now worth an estimated €53bn, according to H2 Gambling Capital. Critically, the industry’s growth shows no signs of slowing with gross win expected to increase by a further 20% by 2022.

Kambi’s largest segment is online. This is also where the bulk of this growth will be generated, with the online industry anticipated to grow from €20.4bn in 2017 to €27.6bn in 2022 - 43% of the total global market. Retail is set to maintain its steady growth, rising from €32.9bn to €36.6bn over the same period.

The Market

Operator focus Open

In 2017, Kambi continued to build a customer base of operators that share the same vision and ambition – to become leaders in the sports betting market. Exceeding the commercial heights set in 2016, we not only added a new customer in each quarter – we also successfully extended the contracts of four key existing customers.

The range of operators added last year underlines the relevance and flexibility of the Kambi Sportsbook. Each new customer – all in different geographies, under different regulatory regimes and at different phases of growth – selected Kambi to springboard them to the next level of success and beyond.


Business model Open

How we create value - The fully scalable Sportsbook

Kambi has a strong record of providing a superior Sportsbook service that generates significant growth in revenues and market share for ourselves and for our operators. This owes much to the scalability of our business model – as there is little need to add extra resources when we add additional operators to the network, the number of users is independent of our service.

We continue to invest in people and technology to create and sustain our state-of-the-art Sportsbook. Through this investment programme, we are enabling gambling operators to cost-efficiently offer their consumers a premium Sportsbook that delivers a leading end-user experience covering all channels – mobile, online and retail.

Business Model

People Open

Fostering talent and maximising potential

As a sports betting and technology provider, Kambi’s use of data and machine learning to simplify many frequently repeated business processes is increasing. However, technology and systems alone can only take us so far. Ultimately, we are the sum of our people.

For Kambi to succeed long-term, decisions must be made, innovations thought through, products carefully designed and customer relationships maintained. To enable this, we continue to hire and foster talented individuals from around the world.


Sustainability Open

For a listed company, operating in a responsible manner is an essential mainstay of business performance. This is why Kambi has long been at the forefront of innovations to deliver a secure service in a transparent way. By maintaining best practice at all times, we can protect players at risk of harm and keep crime out of gambling to help create a sustainable business.

Kambi takes the integrity of sports and the betting industry seriously. A breakdown of public confidence in either area could have a negative impact on our business and that of our customers. This is why we choose to play a prominent role in the detection of sports manipulation worldwide, building close working relationships with sports’ governing bodies to proactively prevent and report instances of fixing and collusion


Risk factors Open

In this section we set out some of the business and industry-related risk factors that we have identified as having potential consequences for Kambi’s future development. We have not arranged these in order of importance or potential economic impact.

  • Regulatory and political environment
  • Risks related to IT
  • Match fixing
  • Sport-specific IPR
  • Dependency on key operators
  • Underlying performance of operators
  • Dependence on key personnel and skilled employees
  • Competition and price pressure
  • Foreign currency risk
  • Tax risks
  • Risk related to convertible bond
Risk Factors

Corporate governance Open

Kambi is listed on the First North at Nasdaq Stockholm and recognises the importance and value of good corporate governance. The Company’s Board of Directors consists of five members, including the Chairman of the Board

Please click on the link below to download a PDF that shows our Board of Directors and also our Senior Executives.

Corporate Governance

Financial results Open

Please click on the link below to download a PDF of the Consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2017.